I See Pigs!

Firstly I would like to ROFL at the Rolling Stone tickets being given away in pairs to people that were working at the venue. Guess thats what you get for attempting to sell tickets for £150 each.

So what have i been doing, well firstly I’m enjoying the Google Personalized Homepage, it makes things easier when you aren’t at home to use your RSS feedreader. Shame it doesn’t seem to me intergrated into the Calendar yet.thumb_potatoes_have_eyes.jpg

I have been planning archiving about 6mb of data from a database on one of my other sites. Strangely enough David made a post regarding optimizing MYSQL server tables, which I’ll be trying to incorporate into my next batch of site changes.Quick bit of tattychopping (over there) and thats all i been doing.

Somedays you’re the statue

It always seems that someone is having a worse day than you, until proof comes along.

An unemployed man in Austria thought he’d get rich quick by holding up a bank. So after some careful planning, the 34 year old burst into the building in Poggersdorf, shouting “Hold Up”. He made a quick get-away into nearby woods when an employee informed him he was infact at the town hall.

His flight from the law was only short lived as he was caught by police when he returned to get his motorbike he’d parked outside.

Source : Reuters


Ok, so I don’t tend to rant much on these pages but I feel the need to meantion something that has pissed me off.

I was on the train and we had a 15 minute stop in Bristol. So I took the time to grab a nicotine stick and stretch my legs. I get back on the train to find some stupid girl sporting that classy ‘oompa-loompa chic‘ had moved all my things from the table where I was sat to a chair.

I was on the phone at the time and had to say that some orange girl had stolen my seat.

So what exactly goes through these people heads?
“They’ll never notice”?
“Perhaps they have run away?”

Cheeky bloody people.