Merry PGP

Well as 2007 draws to a close I thought i'd post a quick note. The last year was quiet a busy year for me yet the site still got some updates. And towards the end of the year the pace was much improved.

So thanks to those that have visited and those that commented in the past year, I hope you'll rejoin me in 2008 for what looks set to be an extremely different year for me.

So in the words of Bill Bailey:
Merry Primary Gifting Period and a happy Auxiliary Generosity Zone.


I recently signed up to reCAPTCHA and have been slowing plotting it's implementation onto this website.

I'm not sure if the few spam WOW GOLD adverts I'm getting are from bots or are being processed manually.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

A note from Terry Pratchett

In a news item over at Paul Kidby's website, Terry Pratchett has posted a small note about “an embuggerance”.

It's sad but Terry's humour shines through in the post. Wishing him all the best in the future.