Well Monday sees the work_nosmoking.gifintroduction of the Smoking ban


Clash of the titans

Seems the war between Oracle and SAP has jumped up a gear with a lawsuit filed by Oracle.

The bottom line sees SAP accused of corporate theft after gaining unauthorised and illegal access to a SAP customer support site. Not only that but SAP is reported to have setup fake accounts in order to mass downloaded alot of the Oracle's software and other copyrighted material.

Source : http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6482749.stm


Today finally see's the release of the movie 300. Based on Frank (Sin City) Miller's graphic novel of the same name, which was in turn based on the true events of the battle of Thermopylae which took place in 480BC.

The battle, between the Persian Empire – numbering between 100,000 to about a million Persians, (the numbers vary greatly depending on the source material) – and 1000 Greek soldiers, lead by the eponymous 300 Spartans, has gone down in history as THE example of courage in the face of overwhelming odds. On the first day of the battle, the Greek historian Ctesias tells us that 10,000 Persians were “cut to pieces” while the Spartans only lost 2 or 3 men!
Review coming soon!