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So much to cover but in a quick format post:

FTL : Faster than light

The game that kicked up a storm on kickstarter is now out and the name perfectly sums up how time passes when you pick up this title. It’s placed in the genre Roguelike, the setting being in space still has a dungeon-crawler vibe to it, that said the game has many other components that give it a rather unique feel.
A play-through can last between 3 (if very unlucky) to around 90 minutes, of course you have to get used to 1 life/Permadeath model but that is of course is what makes it so addictive with that “just one more try” nature.
This game is wonderfully simple but hugely satisfying, you get to unlock new ships and configurations then embark on a trial and error journey to find out how to utilise it best. I’ve put in 41 hours into FTL so far and I’ve still not had a succesful run through.


They Bleed Pixels

If you enjoy playing soul crushingly difficult yet very rewarding platformers then this game is for you. A tricky game where you control a character who has to battle monsters and out-smart puzzles of increasing difficulty, the controls are few but are built in such as way you get some fantastic combo-attack chains and combinations of the button open up more attacks. As the name implies there is a lot of pixel blood flying around in this game, oh and it’s very fun to play, I’ve been following development of the game for some time now, glad it’s finally arrived.

GSB update 1.60

Cliffski has produced a new patch for Gratuitous Space Battles that introduces the functionality to direct ships mid battle, this allows you to alter the way/order that your ships engage the enemy, this small change has big impact to how a battle can pan out.

The ability to hold back ships in reserve or to perform flanking manoeuvres, gives players great control on the battlefield. You can read more about it over at Cliffskis blog or just patch your client and try it 🙂

Humble Bundle

While we are on the indie vibe the latest HB launched this week and has some great games and soundtracks. The last one I bought was purely to get the Bastion soundtrack which was $9.99 on steam and for $7 I got 6 games and 4 soundtracks, plus it gave a little to charity.

Hoping to not get my hopes up

The titan network has been a big part of the City Of Heroes/Villains for 4-5 years now. Hosting a number of unique and feature heavy applications such as the City Info Terminal (tracker) which allows players to log character information and track badges, over the years they also became home to Paragon Wiki, Mids Hero Designer (for those min/max folks) and even a social site with CoH Faces.

The network is now the staging area for the “Save Paragon City!” campaign, the aim is to try and save the game in some form, either with NCSoft or via a 3rd party. The petition that started after the announce now has over 16,000 signatures (at the time writing this) and even has some

Last night Rachy and I took part in a protest that was co-ordinated to happen in-game on the Virtue server, we rolled some new characters and arrived 10 minutes before the start. When we arrived there were at least 29 instances of Atlas Park and it maxed out at 33 instances before the server reached capacity, the video below is a composite of 3000 characters from the instances shown in one clip.

The affection for the game becomes very apparent when you see the community rally together to save the game and I’m enjoyed reading all the blog posts topic on peoples introduction to the game and their favourite moments.

There is no real way of telling if the actions of the community will have any impact on the closure, as Positron says “Whether or not this works you’ll have done one thing: changed forever the way MMOs get sunset.”. I think that’s the thing that everyone takes comfort in the fact that we didn’t go without showing how much it means to us fans.

There have been some great posts about being realistic when it comes to the future of the game, Sente sums up a lot of those thoughts with his post NCSoft is not Evil I suggest a read if you haven’t already.

TSW – Dig yourself, Lazarus

I’ve been meaning to cover the Secret World Issue 2 (Digging Deeper) update that will be landing in the next week, but got a little distracted. So here it is better later than never.

Issue 2 has been delayed due the Funcom restructuring, Ragnar took some time to explain this in the recent “State of the Game” post. I find that Funcoms attitude to communications is one that doesn’t try to hide behind figures or bold statements, but rather talk about those games they know will be pulling on players free time and purse strings. I’m glad this is the case and they know that they next few months maybe tough due to this fact.

First up in Issue 2 is the Plastic Surgeon and Barbershop : expanding beyond the usual character creation screens is a favourite in MMOs, Funcom are looking to introduce new features and a selection of new heads, but like any good supplier the first time is free but future use with cost you. Peter Stormare is playing the part of Dr Anton Aldini in an abandoned abattoir.

New missions : The focus looks to be on adding more action and investigation missions.

Auxiliary weapon slot:  The new feature looks to be adding an 8th power to the toolbar, the initial weapon will be the rocket launcher with a hint towards chainsaws as future possible weapon choice. Obtaining this extra weapon sound like it will take the player to some different locations and with different factions.

Looks like issue 3 will have some Halloween content built in too.

If you want to add me in TSW my avatar is called Singyle.

And now for the song in the title:

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