SoW: Update 2 & Bragging Rights

Over the past week I have played SoW almost everyday, the short match times work nicely with the time I have to game. Warhead is still my favourite character and remains in rotation of the free Sentinels which means I’ve not always been fast enough to pick him at selection. However I have been using the Vs bots game to try out some of the other characters and after some experimenting with various loadouts, I’m happy that I can play most of them comfortably, while trying to opt for Warhead in PvP matches.

I’ve dinged level 13 but since there are no profiles beyond your own to interact with, I have no concept of what that means in the overall picture of the player ranks, ranks being something on the pending list.

As this is most likely my last Bragtoberfest post I’d like to give a big thank you to Izlain and j3w3l for organising everything it’s been great fun and here is my current Brag around my SoW progress.


Me elsewhere

Additionally if you are a fan of the Couchpodtatoes podcast you should check out episode 19 where I make my second guest appearance,  this time talking about PvP. I have mixed (almost confused views) on what PvP I like and what PvP annoys me.

I jump in to play some Archeage with J3w3l for the last weekend event, after a number of false starts in which I confused East and West, (plus didn’t realise the races had different starter areas in the same alliance). I finally got some questing done, the character was created on the NA server list so I may roll another on the EU servers to play in earnest, time allowing.

Final shout to

Congratulations to the Alliance of Awesome members and to Stargrace who did 24 hour of gaming for Extralife. I have been planning on doing this one year, but have yet to get it sorted, will tag-team with FlyinPinkMunki maybe.

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SoW – Progress week 1

I have played some more Shards of War this week, fitting in a few matches each day.
The games is still in development and hopefully things like the matchmaking will improve as time passes.

I wasn’t aware until this week that the “Dragon” could be obtained and used to lane push, similar to Strifes giant white ape. Still lots to learn it seems.

Of those sentinels in rotation at the moment I’ve been focused on the following:


A close range assassin with a stun, teleport and PBAoE blade attack, his basic attacks are short ranged, meaning you have to be very close to the fight to start with. The teleport can be used to jump out of sticky situations as well as ganking.

His ultimate morphs the other 2 skills into and enhanced version for a single use, powerful if you can jump into a group of enemy sentinels.

Passive: increases movement speed when a skill hits


A pet focused character one focused on attack the other on healing.
The standard attack is long range and secondary attacks have a nice slow effect.

Imp the attack bot is not that heavy but can add a little more damage to a fight and if you use the secondary attack will target the same enemy if in range, doubling up the damage and slow effect.

Seraph is the heal bot, who when not in use enables Geminis passive heal ability, but can be targeted on Gemini or other friendly sentinels.


I have played enough matches to accrue 10000 credits which allowed me to purchase a new sentinel.

Warhead is a ranged pusher and as the name suggests his attacks are somewhat focused on missiles.

His basic attack is long range and his passive gives him a bonus versus drones.
His secondary attack is a single rocket TAoE that deals damage to all in the blast radius as well as slowing them.

Armed with a stun grenade and a volley of rockets, I’ve only played one match with him and I have to say it was very fun. His ultimate is Steel Rain and Warhead is immobilised while using it, but it fires multiple rockets into a selected area. Ideal if you can catch 2 or more enemy sentinels.

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Waves of Co-op Fun

Yesterday FlyinPinkMunki and I joined in with another Bragtoberfest event playing some Team Fortress 2 with Izlain, Doone, Roger and Jeromai.
As shooters go TF2 is such good fun, compared the game to other modern shooters and the classes are much more varied and give you many different roles to play.Perhaps it’s why it’s so easy to drop into a game and get the feel for a class with in the first few minutes.

We played some games in the Mann Versus Machine mode, which was rather fun. It reminded me of Sanctum  in terms of waves of enemies you have to stop reaching an objective.
I’ll be frank it’s rather difficult to defeat the waves of enemies but overall satisfying

It’s certainly something I would try to do again with a group, maybe even random group.

killingfloorKilling Floor

We finished the evening with the Killing Floor, a co-op survival horror that was in the Free to try games on Steam this weekend.

I have to say I’d not read anything about the game and it took a little while to figure out the mechanics and playstyle needed.

The concept works well, even if sometimes the logic made me confused (invisible zombies?!). The foes come in waves and at the end of each you had access to a shop were you could  purchase more ammo, weapons and buy/repair your armour.

The final match we played was 6 waves then a boss, by this time we had some half decent ordnance and the final fight wasn’t was tricky as the first few waves were.

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