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In one of my last posts in 2016 I mentioned that I was enjoying playing Dungeons and Dragons and that I was possibly looking into running a game for some of my clan members. Well that is now fully underway with a pre generated campaign to kick things off, this was to allow everyone to get to know 5th edition (players and GM alike), but also to test the waters with regards to if players are ready to commit the time, before having the GM spend time and effort on building a unique campaign.

The player characters have been rolled up now and i’m quite looking forward to throwing mobs at them over the next month or so.

We have looked into using fantasy grounds to run role playing games in the past but found that understanding the software was sometimes trickier than working out THAC0. So this time around we are using Roll20, which given the feedback I have got so far seems to be going down a storm. We have run some test fights to help players understand how their attacks, saves and skills work, which I have to admit is such a pleasure to using with the 5th edition ruleset.

As we are running an off the shelf campaign I haven’t any plans to share it, publicly, however once we move into custom work I’m tempted to host the campaign information on Obsidian Portal, to help keep track of characters, events and documents.

Venerable Dad and Hero Kid

Some members in one of the online communities that I am part of have been running a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons role playing game via the online Roll20App. I’ve really enjoyed the mechanics and there is certainly alot less number crunching involved, although I think this mostly in part to the way Roll20 speeds up nearly all checks and actions so that the players can focus more on role playing and enjoying themselves.

I last played D&D since 1998 and that was AD&D 2nd Edition so it’s taken me a little time to get back into the swing of things but I’m happy to be back playing a game on a semi-regular basis. I’m exploring options to GM a game with some friends online in the new year.

Hero Kids

herokidsThis morning Littlest Troll undertook his first steps into the world of role playing with a title I picked up from DriveThruRPG called Hero Kids.

I was very pleased with how the game makes activities simple, making them easy to explain to a child yet the game still remained enjoyable for those playing. The small one doesn’t have a great attention span and can get bored easily, the first adventure felt just about right time wise, with a huge number of giant rats laying unconscious in some caves.

Since there is a Cyber Monday Sale on this weekend at DriveThruRPG I think I shall be picking up the complete bundle for this game Hero Kids – Complete Fantasy PDF Bundle [BUNDLE] which includes:

  • Hero Kids – Fantasy RPG (Core Rules book)[discounted as I already own this].
  • Fantasy Expansion – Pet Cards
  • Fantasy Expansion – Monster Compendium
  • Fantasy Expansion – Equipment Cards
  • Fantasy Expansion – Hero Cards II
  • Fantasy Expansion – Hero Cards III
  • Fantasy Expansion – Hero Cards IV
  • Fantasy Adventure – Curse of the Shadow Walkers
  • Fantasy Adventure – Escape from the Ghost Pirates
  • Fantasy Adventure – Fire in Rivenshore
  • Fantasy Adventure – Glade of the Unicorn
  • Fantasy Adventure – Mines of Martek
  • Fantasy Adventure – The Lost Village
  • Fantasy Adventure – Tomb of the Lost King
  • Fantasy Adventure – Wizard’s Tower
  • Fantasy Adventure – Yuletide Journey
  • Fantasy Premium Adventure – Maze of the Minotaur

Hopefully we can get some role playing done over the Christmas period if the little troll hold still  and If we discover that he enjoys the game and wants to play more I’m tempted to get the Flat Plastic miniatures


Over the so called summer I have been watching the first series of Geek & Sundry’s TitansGrave  which has now come to it’s conclusion.

The series was part of the TableTop season 3 that successful crowd funded in May last year, I was rather happy that the funding allowed for the RPG show to be created alongside the normal TableTop series.
After the Dragon Age RPG that was part of Tabletop Series 2 I wanted to see how much they could do with a standalone series but keeping with the high product qualities that the shows had demonstrated previously.
Happy to say I wasn’t disappointed.


If you haven’t had chance to catch the series you can now binge watch it if you have a spare 9 hours, but remember to start at Chapter 0 which gives a good overview.

Not forgetting that Geek & Sundry is also host to another RPG game named Critical Role, where Matthew Mercer GM’s a Dungeons and Dragon game with eight of his fellow voice actors in traditional pen and paper epic 3 hour sessions, which you can also watch live on twitch (which I’d watch live if it wasn’t on at 3am) weekly.

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My very first role playing experiences was joining a friend on his weekly saturday gaming which open up a whole new world of gaming past-times but sadly my friend lived to far away for it to become a regular event for me.

While I was still in the last years of school and college I was introduced to members of a local group who played on a weekly basis. I soon received an invite to join them and enjoyed a number of years smashing our way through the wilds and dungeons in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition.
Weirdly the average age in the group was much older than myself but once it was cleared with the adults in my life at the time I would attend the weekly meetup and

Recently I’ve played some, but with like to get into another campaign at some point, I’d like to try out and build a game using the Fate system. Having bought a few Fate related resources over the last year it would be a shame not to do so 🙂


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