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Library Legacy

A clan mate and myself were discussing the use of a Steam account by relatives, that had belonged to someone that has sadly passed away.
Slightly macabre I know but as more things become released digitally, the material worth of worldly good diminishes more each year. Mine dropped greatly when I binned all fifty of my Babylon 5 VHS cassette tapes (but I recovered a portion of my house back, so you know swings and roundabouts).

Digital rights in death is not really talked with any view to a long term resolution, outside of Facebook’s memorial pages, but it’s something likely to become something more frequently discussed. If I collected Vinyl or Stamps it would be easy to pass those onto loved ones in a will, however all those films I bought on online services or music that was purchased digitally isn’t something that can be given easily, if at all, as many companies don’t allow account sharing.

So when it comes to Steam looking at something like SteamDB will tell you the current value of my Steam account, but of course all those games bought at release are now likely to have their cost considerably reduced in comparison. Family sharing maybe an option so some, but not a long term answer to who gets to inherit my Team Fortress hat’s.

Perhaps it’s just a transfer of the keys to a new owner, so no statistics or items move just the basic purchases, what do you think?

More Jumbo

I do enjoy pick up deals from the Humble Bundle website, usually there is one or 2 games I fancy getting plus I’m a sucker for game soundtracks and jump at any chance to add more to my collection.

This time around is a Humble Jumbo Bundle 2, which includes lots of titles that were on my Steam Wishlist which was nice. I have to imagine that for someone just getting into PC gaming the Bundle deals and offers are a great way of stocking up on titles.
Admittedly some of them are a little old and maybe not as high quality as a stack of newer titles, but half the fun is exploring titles you haven’t tried before and with the reduced price tag it’s not too much of a hit on your bank account.

In the Jumbo 2 bundle I choose not to pay the top tier for The Age of Empires Legacy Bundle and settled for the 2nd tier of games by paying over the average for the Bundle.

So for a Tenner (£10) I managed to get a good few games for under 10% of the cost (as priced on Steam at time of posting), which now I’m a family man is far more than I expect to spend on game purchases in a year (excluding subs).

There is more

Another nice feature that the Humble Bundle folks have recently implement was listing the games that hadn’t been claimed and that are giftable in an easy to access to location. I have a number that have been duplicates from Bundles past so it’s nice to find them without having to hunt through my purchase history.

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Mission achievable

Following up on my XCOM post yesterday, I think it’s safe to say have a thing for achievement hunting and it’s not necessarily that I want to 100% a game, my main weakness can be found in Steam’s global list versus my own achievements for particular game.

Once I have completed a game I often find myself browsing the achievement list to find either those I can obtain quickly or the more obscure achievements. You often find that games will place a number of achievements that can only be obtained by playing a certain Multiplayer campaign, I may try these but generally if it’s not my cup of tea I’ll ignore those and proceed with some other task.

My Rarest

More often and not there tends to be an obscure achievement that has only been unlocked by <0.4% of players. Those are my favourite as they usually mean playing the game in manner that isn’t completely within my comfort zone, yet rewarding me for doing so and I often discover better ways of playing. I have been known on occasion to have restarted a game once it’s apparent that I have missed out on a reward I was hunting for.

Defense Grid has always been a good go to game for tricky achievements that require some thought and planning in order to obtain them, I recently went back to it to complete some of the DLC that I hadn’t completed. The game is fun and getting gold on the level requires a fine balancing act as you try to avoid spending too much so you can build interest on the cash you have.

My Steam profile pages as one showcase with the rarest achievements I have collected and another that is a selection of achievements, I usually pick the strangest/fun looking ones to show off here.

My Favourites

I fondly remember the Fable 2 achievement The Black Knight with a massive nod to Monty Python, it asked you to shoot  the weapons, arms and then head off a skeleton, I must have tried it a hundred times at least before getting this one.

What’s your favourite achievement?
And do you intentionally hunt certain ones down?

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