I’ve Come Over all Open-Source

I’ve been testing the Mozilla based Firefox web browser since version 4. It’s changed alot over that time.

What is it about the browser that I like?
There are some many points I could list here, I’ll stick to 3 that appeal to me the most.

1. Tabbed Browsing
A wonderful feature I first use in the Opera browser. It cuts down on the number of items open on your task bar, plus you can shut them all down at the same time if you need too. The part of this feature I love is the way you can open a Folder of favourites in separate tabbed windows. I read 10+ websites a day when I get home, it’s great to just open all of them and work my way though them.

2. Internet Annoyances
Built in Popup blocker that works very well keeps those crappy adverts from hindering your browsing experience.
The following one is not meantioned much as a feature but I love it, it’s remote picture linking. Basically stopping websites loading in pictures from other sites ( normally adverts ). This is configurable so that if you visit a site that shows mainly remote pictures you can still enjoy the without much fuss.
URL masking via the status bar, this is one of my bugbears about some websites, FireFox gives you the options to disable this, thus allowing you to see the true URL of a link.

3. Customised
I like to toy with things, in IE you haven’t alot of choice, your stuck with that same boring button combination and lovely windows default colored browser header. The themes that are being build for Firefox are wonderful they allow you to customise the look and feel of the browser. 
The 2nd thing is the extensions, these rock and give you a wonderful set of enhancements to choose from. Like the GoogleToolbar that does every thing that the IE GoogleToolBar does.
Configurable extensions for Mouse Gestures allow quick and easy navigation without touching the keyboard.
There are new themes and extensions being released all the time.

With Firefox’s final version nearing it’s release, I can say that I’m extremely happy with switching from IE.


I just got a Gmail account, I wasn’t even looking for one which is a bonus.

I’m testing out the spam filters at the moment, seems to be a wonderful system.

I’ll keep you Updated

Abandoned Places

I recently found this great website.
Abandoned Places

It appears that Henk is always on the look out for places to visit.

The galleries on the website are broken down into easy to navigate steps. I prefer the black and white images, they appear almost timeless and give the subjects in the picture more depth.

The old architecture and remains of humans give everything an errie feel.

Great site, well worth a look.

Remember Mr Biffo? Get Stuffed?

Well if not here is a little background.
Paul Rose a.k.a Mr Biffo was the brains and humour behind the Channel 4 Teletext page named Digitiser. Digitiser (or DIGI) was an amazing thing and I’m sorry you missed it.
Everyday was a laugh a minute experience, with reveal-O’s, morse and lewis and the snake.
Not forgetting Mr. T.

Well Mr Biffo has a site up and running here


On to other news, i was up watching telly and the classic get stuffed came on. Originally aired during the Gulf War, those TV people seem to think another war requires get stuffed again.

Well they have a website and board moderated by the MYSTERY CHEF


Drinking and such

Went to a small pub near Oxford for a LSN event on saturday.
Great venue, the sun was shining all day and much cider was drunk.

JG was there as well. It’s quite strange being sat talking to a guy that kept you glued to your spectrum for days/weeks/months at a time.

Great day and I got a mouse mat too.