Website Status

Hellos allAs you may have noticed my website has been having issues with database problems. I’m currently in the middling of trying to move hosting companies so I may vanish for a few days while that occurs.I have already migrated 1 website over to a new hosting company due to website problems, after a few headaches it’s all sorted, now i plan to move my remaining 2 websites over.

Mister Moran

Ricci, Dok and I when to see the stand up show of Dylan Moran last night. After missing the rest of the tour this year it was so great to get to see him at last.Some of you (ok maybe very few of you it seems) may remember him from the sereis he created called Black Books or maybe his role in Shaun of the Dead.Anyways one of the primary reasons I like the style of his stand-up is because of the grumpy-old-man methods it which is used to describe his view on life. After the first half I was aching from laughing, during the second half I had trouble catching by breath I hurt so much.


During the intermission/fag break, Dok managed to point out Sean Hughes who breifly appeared at the top of the stairs and minutes later he spied the ever busy Edgar Wright (said to be working on a film based on a superhero) walking past.A big thank you to Ricci for find and sorting out the tickets, it was a brilliant evening.

Product Branding

Ok during a late night shopping trip to Tesco I stumbled on what has to be the most ridiculously named product to ever hit our shelves.

Following the tradition of cashing in on movie franchise I spotted this gem :

Superman Returns Yoghurt It begs so many questions,

  • how late must it have been in the office for some company Exec to decide on that as the name to go for
  • Why is he returning the yoghurts?
  • Did he get a refund?

I wish I had kept a closer eye on the shops after the film release of Batman Begins.

Anyways enought for now, I need to head to bed after taking my Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chesty Cough Syrup.

Thundercats t-shirts?

Thundercats t-shirts? Why so many? I must have seen at least 4 on the train last weekend.

yeas Thundercats was great but really why all the t-shirts?

Musical offerings

Ok so I still have my stinking cold, well less stinking more snotty and coughy.

Ok whats new on the music front.

KatieJane Garside has been busy with a new project called Ruby Throat ( Check out myspace for a listen of the song House of Thieves).I found out today that W.A.S.P are playing in the next valley over on the 2nd of November, but really, why are they playing Tenby too? All too much excitement.MY DYING BRIDE release their new album named ‘A Line of Deathless Kings’ on October 9th.

Last item is that there is a new Mushroom Head album due out on the 9th of October called Savior Sorrow.