The reasons behind whales beaching themselves has always been a mystery, with modern Sonar devices being questioned as a possible cause. So you have to wonder whats going on when 93 whales tried to beach themselves in Indonesia.

They managed to release some back into the sea but at they say they may have beached themselves elsewhere, if sonar and underwater vibrations from oil rigs and military testing have such a possible impact on the cetaceans that inhabit that area why does it still continue you wonder.

This document has more information on LFA Sonar effects in cetaceans, also details the plans to increase the usage of the system to replace the current hydrophone system that has been used over 15 years.

This US Navy site states “The Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System (SURTASS) Low Frequency Active (LFA) is a new sonar the U.S. Navy needs for national security” , fantastic eh?

In other news The Independent on Sunday features an article about the Royal Navy testing the new system out for Nato and apprently killing 4 whales.

When all the statements regarding this new system all along the lines of that from the MOD saying “(sonar) has the potential to cause problems for the marine environment”, how much marine wildlife are we going to have left if they bring the new system online?

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