Belarus election

In the last eastern block stronghold of near dictatorship, around 20 thousand demonstrators descended on Minsk ignoring the threat of the death penalty from the Belarus KGB (security service).

On wednesday, eight Scandinavian unofficial election observers we’re ordered to leave the country, the co-ordinator of the group said “This is a repressive dictatorship that will win the elections, as the president says ‘elegantly’ – meaning opposition will be crushed” . With other observers also being removed or denied access pre-election, the chances of a fabricated result seem increasingly likely.

Today the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), who on Friday condemned intimidation and harassment of opposition candidates & supporters, are expected to give their report on the election at a press conference at 14:00 today from Minsk.

Reminds me of the scenes we witness in the neighbouring country Ukraine, after their election was stolen in late 2004. There are some pictures regarding the rally of people protesting against the election results taken & posted by Elena Filatova best known for her chilling tour of the Chernobyl nuclear plant and surrounding area.


The result of the report from the OSCE was given today. As guessed the report deems that election was flawed and despite over 500 obversers being in place ( both short and long term ) their were numberous occurances of State control applying pressure via detentions and censorship.