Just checked my E-mail to find a newletter from Collide, who it seems are well happy to have two posters shown in the new Foamy rant about CDs. But I do like my Digipacks πŸ˜‰

If you haven’t heard of Collide (Industrial-EBM), then take a trip to the site linked above and have a listen.


While on the topic of music, tickets for Tool Gigs are due to go on sale at 9am (friday), so thats another gig to add to my list for this year. I have only ever seen them once and it was outside at a feastival, but I was covered in mud and it had been raining on us for several hours at this point so rather than sitting back and enjoying the music, I was trying to stop my hands from freezing up and warming them on over priced cups of so called tea.