New Theme

Yay, finally after many designs and much testing I have re-themed the website to something I like ( if you still see the red box containing the header, you will need to hold shift and refresh). If you have any feedback please leave a comment.

I have started to build up more content on-top of the items that are posted to the blog, link to these can be found in the top right of the site. There is now an about page, that briefly tells you about the website and there is also a section for Author information with a bit of info about us.

In Addtion to that i have started to load up my b3ta gallery so that it is visable through the theme. My original b3ta gallery is still online while I do the new pages.


For some unknown reason Serendipity hold the formatng of the date for the blog in language files, as if this wasn’t annoying enough the format it holds for the date is in the Smarty date format which doesn’t have a method of showing the ordinal suffix of a day. Picky, maybe but considering the the Smarty engine is build using the existing php function it wouldn’t have been too tricky