Calendars Galore

We’ll the Google Calendar is finally here and as a followup to my recent post about online calendars I thought i would take a look at the services that they offer.

As you may have seen I have been using CalendarHub in recent weeks as my public ‘gigs’ calendar can be nicely intergrated into the website.

So what can Google offer.
For starters I liked the quick add functionality itwas the first thing i seen and used. As you can expect with google related applications they arevery simple and you can pick up use easily.

I’m gonna be using it, and see if it provides simlar functionality as the other 2 i was looking into.

I also like the add UK bank Holidays feature

* forgot to post this πŸ™ *

Remember, remember, the fifth of November

After my Physio this week Dok and I decide to catch a film in the cinema ( the last we seen was Sin City ) so we got to an early viewing of V for vendetta.

I was roughly famillar with the plot

*To avoid spoilers the rest of the post is continue below*


Taking from 1984 and it’s fear inducing news, V for Vendetta (although written in the 80’s) has been updated to reflect more modern themes including bird flu and terrorist viral attacks.


The scenes in this film are dark, adding quite alot to the film and the atmosphere it intends to convey. In other shots like those in the Shadow Gallery, the fancyful and ______ bring a calm element to the film.

Hugo Weaving plays V, whose

Of all the recent dystopian themed films, I’m inclined to feel that the Norsefire government portrayed in V for Vendetta is more believable, although the film isΓ‚ Γ‚ Γ‚ Γ‚

The film steers from the original comics in the motivations of V, as his killing are originally personal attacks at the people

The original story is about a vendetta, against those that were officers at the Larkhill concentration camp .

Fear Factory

Mr Troll persuaded me at the last minute to go with him to see Fear Factory in Bristol last night, and appart from the increadible pain in my whole body this morning I’m glad he did πŸ™‚

I’ve seen them loads of times already and the fact I haven’t really even listened to the last 2 albums and I only know a couple off the 1 before that was putting me off a little, but they were great! A shitty venue and sound problems did their best to screw things up, but not even a powercut half way through the set could put them off their stride. For me the highlights were Martyr, PissChrist and Lynchpin. Most bands like to finish on a high point and as such I was expecting something like New Breed, Replica or something off “Soul…”, but instead we were treated to a haunting rendition of Timelessness. Inspired.


I can’t be the only person that jumps online to answer the question, “What film was that bloke in?”

So where we would have previously spend anywhere between 1 to 4 hours trying to recall that film with the fishing trip and a nun, the information can now be gleened in under 5 minutes with a visit to The Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

Welcome to the ‘Digital Age’ or ‘Information Age’, although I feel these names are somewhat dated and dream up images of banks of computers in a room on a clip of video from the 70’s or 80’s, when electronic computer devices were becoming an industry standard.

Now with the increased use of the internet by the public, we see the appearance of communities and ‘virtual amenities‘. In recent years we have seen the replacement of old technology by modern advanced

Prime examples of this migration are

  • Phones to Texts
  • letters to emails
  • store shopping to online shopping
  • there are 100’s more ….

But those changes just reflect people adapting to technology whereas community themed places are increasingly becoming the backbone of the mordern internet. Places like MySpace that not only brings people together but their interests in music, with bands and artists providing blog entries & music bringing their fanbase closer to the band. Flickr and deviantART are 2 more wonderful examples of communities of people that want to share and interact on topics they are interested in.

My recent adventures in buying tickets reminded me of the days when you watched for band tours in the back pages of the music magazines and you had to phone up and order (or rather someone with a credit card had to), it all seems along time ago now but it was less than 10 years.

The digital revolution isn’t over it’s just evolved, shaped by the needs and wants of it’s users. Becoming bigger and increasing ways for us to interact and socialize with other people around the world that share similar interests.

When here becomes anywhere and our friends are electric, I think we can start to welcome the Cyber-Age.