Lack of posts

Haven’t posted much as I started back to work last week so things have been busy and also i’m been shattered, normal service to resume soon. Anyways the following has been on my mind.

I have been catching up on my reading and found this post over at CageOfMonkeys site, that grabbed my attention.

You have to love managers and officials that believe they ‘know’ everything about IT because they worked near some years ago


Wonderful idea, a one off payment for 30 tv channels & 20 radio stations. In todays flexable world that we inhabit I can pick up a Top set box while doing my shopping in the local Tesco.
Only problem is according to the Freeview website, I can’t get it in my area at the moment. But they provide a handy list of when we should be able to plug in a box at home …. 2009.

So, It really does beg the question why does the local Tesco (about 4-5 minutes walk from my house) continue to reserve shelf space for these currently pointly chunks of plastic.