Fear Factory

Mr Troll persuaded me at the last minute to go with him to see Fear Factory in Bristol last night, and appart from the increadible pain in my whole body this morning I’m glad he did 🙂

I’ve seen them loads of times already and the fact I haven’t really even listened to the last 2 albums and I only know a couple off the 1 before that was putting me off a little, but they were great! A shitty venue and sound problems did their best to screw things up, but not even a powercut half way through the set could put them off their stride. For me the highlights were Martyr, PissChrist and Lynchpin. Most bands like to finish on a high point and as such I was expecting something like New Breed, Replica or something off “Soul…”, but instead we were treated to a haunting rendition of Timelessness. Inspired.