When software goes wrong

I don’t tend to read much tech news at home, but generally pay a weekly visit to Rupert Goodwins diary over at zdnet.

During my last visit to the site Rupert made an entry regarding crap error messages that you will often find littering many programs. It’s the kind of thing you would expect to have commented out of the Live code or turned into something more meaningful.

It reminded me of Doks error he had last week from his anti-virus software that basically said “Somethings gone wrong” and then closed it’s self completely. Something certainly had and not only on the software side of things.

On the trail for the worst message out there Digg give me this which is pretty special, I have seen smaller ones at train stations when the machine that displays all the train listing goes wrong (those old bulky displays).

This one made me laugh, !: NOT A VALID LIBRARY (INVALID MAGIC NUMBER) here

But really this has to be my favourite, It’s really bad on any level, infact I’m surprised it had the application name in the title.