Where is the news then?

Sometimes I hate the British media, No really I do. Yea we excel at delivery fairly unbiased news , but with this countries bizarre sport/media fixation it makes it hard to resist the urge to clasp your hands on your ears and start chanting “La-la-la-la-la I’m not listening to you”.

Like when we encounter days like yesterday and today, where numerous worldly events have been hardly covered or not at all. And only due the internet we can still remain relatively informed of global news when our media decide to have some time off and focus on the things that matter.

Why so annoyed? Because in the infinite wisdom of producers, we are delivered the “top story of the day” before any of the lesser important stuff, like earthquakes and such. We are given hours of droning on continually about Rooney’s injury and associated discussions about Will he/ Won’t he be at the world cup, him sleeping in an oxygen tent/How many bones has he broken ( with detailed pictures of bones ).
I don’t care!

World Cup hasn’t started yet and I’m already pissed of with it.