Sadly I’m not playing with bleach this week but having some fun with AJAX, to avoid boring you with details, lets sum it up by saying:
It allows the creation of interactives websites without the need for the users browser reloading.Although we have quite a few new application that use this functionality, I haven’t really seen much in the way of AJAX games.

I have been meaning to look into how it functions and pratical uses for it, plus i’m intreged by it. Damn my overly curious mind.

So taking my first step into the AJAX world I created a very basic RPG kind of game here. OK so it’s pretty poor but you can see that the page doesn’t refresh with each action and unlike the classic text base adventure games the directions are clickable.I should also point out that to use a AJAX website you must have IE 5+ with ActiveX enabled or Netscape 7.1+ (Firefox) / Opera 8 both with javascript enabled. Of course no JavaScripting would be the same without having to add code to identify and handle the different types of browser, which is a pain but the you don’t want to exclude certain types of users from your website, so you need to cater for various types of browser you may encounter.