Strapping Young Lad – The New Black

After their brutal album Alien, Devin and Co. returned to work on their 5th studio album, and I for one I’m really looking forward to another aural assault from the canadian metallers.

Check out a sample from the new album here.

In other SYL news their first album (Heavy as a real heavy thing) has been re-released by Century Media. Along side the remastered album are 4 bonus tracks, the video to S.Y.L and notes from Devin in the accompanying booklet.

The New Black is due for release on July 7th.


Video for a track from the new album (Wrong Side).

“The New Black” track listing:
1. Decimator
2. You Suck
3. Antiproduct
4. Monument
5. Wrong Side
6. Hope
7. Far Beyond Metal
8. Fucker
9. Almost Again
10. Polyphony
11. New Black

Browser Sync

Only Stumbled across this Firefox extension while on the Google homepage at work.
I have multiple installations of firefox ( Desktop / Laptop ) and have been awaiting a tools to help me keep bookmarks on the machines matching.

OK so what does the extension do?
Well on first apperance it can sync Cookies/bookmarks/stored passwords and it seems even windows/tabs can be stored.

In all honesty I only require the bookmarks but the other items are a good idea, like saving your last open pages when you closed the browser down so you can conitue browsing on the save machine or another machine. Even the history can be stored.

All of the storable elements have to the option to enable encryption ( defaulted for cookies and stored passwords ).


So went to see Tool yay. It was at the Hammersmith Apollo, which is a big venue, but suffers due to the fact the seat are old wood ones and very narrow, with little or no legroom not, ideal for me with my bad leg.Doors opened at 6:30, but the show was due to start at 8 ( no support band), which was pretty crappy as the place was packed and the extortionately price drinks where being snapped up. I hate that venues can A) inflate the price of drinks at gigs and B) open the doors early to get more drinking time in. Pretty poor.


  • Roseta Stoned
  • Stink Fist
  • 46 and 2
  • Jambi
  • Schizm
  • Sober
  • Lateralus
  • Vicarious
  • Aenima

Although it appears a small set list the 90 minutes they were on stage flew by and Tool were on top form including the adhoc drum solo’s that were pretty special.

Labyrinth, BBQ and Spaced

I had 3 of my mates come to visit and my sister in a post-birthday party/barbeque/pissup. It’s tricky arranging to have 3 people from 3 different directions meet up, but we finally make it.

Rather than do the standard, Buy loads, cook lots, eat few method I made a huge salad and had various other foodstuffs ready to be eaten and thus less cookage.

But no barbeque of mine would be truely right without Halloumi on the menu and toasted just right.Thanks to those that came I had a very woo time.

And thanks for my presents x