Adult Swim

Recently discovered that [Adult Swim] is on Bravo now.

For those that haven’t seen any shows from this block of adult-oriented wizardly, lets just say it has overly funny shows interspersed with nonsense periods of randomness.

One of the best has to be Sealab 2021 that has now finished being made but still being aired. The show uses stock amination footage from a short-lived Hanna-Barbera cartoon made in the 70’s called Sealab 2020. Set a year after the original the close confines of being at the bottom of the ocean has resulted in the crew being slightly crazed and lead by the deranged Captain Murphy.

Episodes can range from conversations about being a robot to being trapped under a vending machine. All good, mostly harmless fun.

Catch Adult Swim on Bravo at midnight everyday.