Hot Fuzz

htofuzz.jpg So last week, we took a trip to the Cinema to watch the lastest Film directed by Edgar Wright.

Hot Fuzz was utterly wonderful, a smooth blend of stupidity and humour, with a dash of seriousness.
Once again, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost take to the silver screen and captivate the audiance with a title of suspend and mystery.

One thing to note: don’t expect Shaun of the Dead, this isn’t a zombie film or love film, it’s an action film filled with small pisstakes along the way.

I’d advise anyone that find the Pegg/Wright combo funny to see this, you’ll not be dissapointed.

Starring a wonderful cast inlcuding : Timothy Dalton, Edward Woodward, Billie Whitelaw and Anne Reid

BBC Special Feature

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