ADSL Choice

I’m thinking of moving ISP

I’ve been with F2S since broadband recah our ares back in September of 2004, which is quite a long time in all honesty. Since they are taken over by Pipex the internet usage hasn’t been totally wonderful espically from a gamers point of view.

I’ve been looking it options of other providers (transfering has been made much easier since the Ofcom rules kicked in last month), as an avid gamer most my time is spent broswing forums or shooting stuff up. I want a host that isn’t going to throttle my bandwidth at peak times of the day because other users on the IPS are downloading the last episode of Lost they missed.

The problem with alot of ISPs is that their Fair usage Policy fails to detail the fact that bandwidth throttling can effect your connection.

I’m thinking about this as my new ISP.

Multiplaydsl – If you haven’t heard of multiplay, they run gaming servers as well as organising one of the biggest UK based LAN competitions bi-yearly. There Broadband packages are designed for gamers, with bandwidth throttling being designed around not impacting gamers.

Ideal for gaming espically at peak times

Small Company
No idea how the support is

Price : £29.99 per month
Contract : 1 Month