Being a fan of Neil Gaiman I signed up to his RSS about this time last year and keep track of hte various projects that he is enaged in. Sadly after my recent computer drive failure I failed to re-add the feed, an error on my part, so I have missed out on how the progress on this film had been going.

The film features a rather nameful cast including: Claire Danes, Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Ian McKellen to name a few.

The film is based on the Neil's novel and the screen play writen by Jane Goldman AKA Mrs. Jonathan Ross and Matthew Vaughn (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels/ Snatch/ L4yer Cake) who is also the director on the project. Filming was shot in

How to describe stardust …
A fairy-tale for adults would be a good start, it's about a guy named Tristran Thorn, who untakes a quest to retrieve a fallen star for the girl he loves. Venturing into the forbidden lands that lay beyond the walls of his village is just the start of his journey as he is not the only one seeking the star.

An in his own words about the film …
[quote=Mr Gaiman]
I've been trying to think of what to compare it to, but it's leaving me a bit blank — it exists half-way between The Princess Bride and Pirates of the Caribbean, and there's nothing I've seen quite like it out there in the world before.

Film website : hopefully to host a trailer soon.