Victim of fraud?

Did you know that as of today if you are a victim of fraud your first point of contact is not the police it's your bank. Where-as before after a crime had taken place you would require a police incident number before the banks would look into the case.

Now, its up to the banks to decide if they want to report the crime or not, a system that will allow banks to manipulate which crimes are investigated. So if you are a victim of crime that the bank does want to go public with as it could make them look bad, then tough luck, your bank may choose not to acknowledge.

A wonderful system, I think you will agree.

In an added bonus the number of crimes will drop as these crimes aren't recorded by the police and therefore 'don't occur' in the eyes of the governments statistics.

Woo way to go Labour, on top of filling the governments coffers by planning to sell the student loan book (estimated to be £16 billion)

Keep manipulating those figures guys.