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A whirlwind of posts

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Yes i know it's late, but apparently having 2 teeth removed today also stole my ability to sleep.

I've not posted for a while so here is a bumper posting session to get things rolling again.

To start thing off:
Oddly named food stuffs. For 60 minutes of me and Rach substituted standard food names with that of danish winegums named Spunk, this resulted in oo many innuendo-laiden remarks, and resulted in a friend giving us a link to a rude food website. (Kind of not safe for work but not really).

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  1. Rachy

    It did not steel your ability to sleep. I think that may have had something to do with the three hours you had in the afternoon/evening! Tut!

    I love the the jelly's are described as ""Spunk is the "naughty" and tasty pastil for children" It just seems so wrong! But goes oh so well with the comments we were making for them! I reckon we should work for them! They would make a packet on them if we did!

    Ooooo! We should send some to the queen! She's got a sweet tooth, and the newspapers would be all over it with headlines like "Queen Caught with mouth full of spunk" or "Queen caught sucking on Children's naughty tasty spunk!"

    Ahh well made me laugh!

    April 19, 2007

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