Dok once again found a story of wonderful stupidity.
A couple wanting to name their child after Metallica, I ask you why? they aren’t even good anymore. I wonder what the grandfather (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) and grandmother (Grand Funk Railroad) have to say on this, ok maybe slightly untrue (hehehe).

After this I had to find some of the wonderfully idiotic baby names that exist (normally related to celebrities). My search yielded the following results:

Audio Science – Shannyn Sossamon (Actress)
Pirate : Jonathan Davis (Korn)
Pilot Inspektor : Jason Lee (Actor)

there are more but these 3 just really illustrated the point.

No after this I thought not more on the subject until i was in Swansea a few weeks back and heard a mother calling to her unruly children from across the pub. Normally I’d not bat an eye-lid but I nearly choked on my food and the sound of “Sue Ellen Come here” promptly followed by “Enya stop that!”.

I drowned my face in my drink to stop me from laughing to loudly and the Dallas fan and her children.