Software pricing

vista.jpg The Uk has always got the crap deal with it some to products such as music and software.

So in this wonderful age of technology we see Microsoft still mantaining the inbalance with their lastest offering.

Vista Ultimate
US Price $399.99 (highest price i could find in online stores in the US, many where much cheaper)

OK I dug around and got some prices for UK prices, the conversion is based on the current exchange rate so can vary with time.
UK Price between :
£350 = $691 US Dollars
£250 = $493 US Dollars

As you can see it appears the difference is not small and can only mean crappy deals for UK consumers.

In the last month Adobe have allowed pre-orders of the 3 version of their CS suite, only this time the pricing seems a little off. They have taken the same approach as Microsoft by offering multiple versions of the product.

So the Creative Suite 3 Design Premium costs $1799.00 US Dollars.
On the same website the UK store offers the product at a lovely rounded £1655.58 (this equals $3270 US Dollars), that will hopefull earn Adobe over 80% more profit on UK sales alone.