Big Nothing

bignothing.gifBig Nothing stars David Schwimmer (Charlie) & Simon Pegg (Gus) and is black comedy set in the sleepy town of Big falls. Charlie ends up taking a job at a call centre in an effort to try and earn money for his family.

He is befriended by Gus who ropes him into a blackmailing scheme, a simple plan or so it seems. With a dodgy alibi and a top FBI agent in town things can only go from bad to worse.

I found this film very funny and reminded me slightly of Fargo, with it's dry humour and dark comedy elements. Simon Pegg plays the part of an American semi-convincingly while you are drwan into the plot from the start.

if you are a fan of this genre of film you'll most likely enjoy this film. It was released on DVD the 14th of April, so why not give it a whirl.