Teamspeak & Vista

Sorry, this is not a guide to get Teamspeak working on Windows Vista, more of a bug watch.

Firstly Teamspeak. teamspeak100x45.jpg
(If you aren't familar with Teamspeak, it is a voice communication application generally used by gamers)

On Saturday the 14th an email was sent to forum members entitled “New Team Speak Patch [Link Inside]“, it contained a link to a file named patch.exe hosted on the teamspeak webserver.

So through some social engineering TS users were prompted to download a trojan.

The teamspeak website forums aren't online at the moment stating : ” Our forums are currently not available while we are investigating the recent attacks on our server.”

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The second item i'd like to focus on is the apparent Cracking of Windows Vistas DRM.
Heralded as the way forward in computing a recent post by a secuirty researcher has suggested that the DRM can be turned on and off.

While this isn't a massive problem in its self the potential for masquerading malware/spyware is huge.

Windows Vista digital rights management (DRM) is design to protect the operating system from intruders and stops other applications interacting and manipulating core functionality of Windows. A great idea, yet if this problem makes it unto the wild, a program can be told to use DRM to protect it. If this is the case Anti-virus programs and spyware monitors won't be able to identify these programs as malicious and it could cause alot of problems.