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Month: May 2007


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There is estimated to be 1 surveillance camera for every 4 people in the UK. A damn scarey fact to be honest, when you think the 4.2 million camera are tracking your movement.

Just to increase the level of paranoia, there is a project underway that hope to indentify 'criminals' by what they say.

Dr Richard Harvey and his team at the University of East Anglia are starting a 3 year project to develop a computerised lip-reading system. With funding from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and backing from the Home Office Scientific Development Branch who hope that the system can be used to fight crime.

So we can look forward to a future where not only can Big-Brother watch us it can know what you are saying.


Happy Birthday Spectrum

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25 years ago Clive Sinclair unleashed the ZX Spectrum into the British market place and home. It's a shame many of todays younger population have no knowledge of having to set up the cassette recorder and tweating the volume to ensure it was just right, then come the loading sounds they kind of stick with you for life you know.
And after an anxious wait with game logo getting thrown onto the telly line by line, the whole game would crash and you'd be back to square one. Ahh how much that used to wind you up.

I recall poping down the newsagent to purchase the lastest issue of the aptly named Crash which I prefered to Your Sinclair, making sure I got the cassette on the front and wonder what treats I'd be in store for this week.

I lost many hours thanks to this little black plastic box, addtionally the Spectrum was where I gained my first ever exprience at programming. Albeit simple code and nothing massively fantastic but for a 8 year old it was magic at my finger tips.

So for my stolen youth but fond memories, heres to you Speccy.