Lost track?

I don't know about you but I just haven't got a clue half the time as to which corporation owns what part of the internet. So for your visual pleasure I've compiled a handy reference list. (plus i was a little bored)

Who owns what?
del.icio.us is owned by Yahoo!
Doubleclick is now owned by google
Myspace owned by News Corp. (parent company of Fox).
Last.fm was recently purchased by CBS for $280 million.
Flickr is owned by Yahoo!
Youtube is owned by Google
WAYN was bought by ITV for £120 million
Feedburner recently purchased by yahoo
Konfabulator and Winblinds both owned by Yahoo
Friend Reunited bought for £120 million by ITV
Skype is owned by Ebay purchased for $2.6 Billion, along with paypal of course for $1.5 billion
Blogger is owned by google
MyBlogLog owned by Yahoo!

So there you have it, if it's not owned by a massive company apparently it's not woth going too.

World in Conflict

Dok pointed out this new RTS game that is currently under development.

In this alternative history game, the year is 1989, in the middle of the cold war. Soviet forces move into Europe drawing the attention of NATO and their forces into the fray. Meanwhile a second front heads into North America. You job is to command the force hoping to retake the lost cities and suburbs from the Soviets.

The game uses the Massive MassTech engine, giving user complete control of the camera viewpoint. All game objects with the exception of terrain appear to be destroyable. Unlike other RTS games there is no resource to capture or money to allow you to expand your base, in WIC you start each level with a set amount of resource how you spend it is up to you. If your building or vehicle is destroyed you re-gain the resource to spend gain perhaps altering your choice will sway the battle to your favour.

Reading up the game it appear there is more to it that just a solo RTS, for instance in a multiplayer team game there are 4 roles that can be undertake by seperate teammates (Air/Armour/Infantry/Support), thus allowing for varied gameplay that can draw on each players strengths on the battlefield.

Due for release on 07/09/2007

Lights out London

Note: I'm finding it difficult to type this without singing UFOs Lights out.

On the evening of the summer solstice, between 9p.m. and 10p.m. Londoners are invite to take part in what will be the biggest environmental events in the country if not the world. Backed by a large number of celebrities and sponsored by Capitol Radio it will be interesting to see what results tonight's actions will yield.

This event isn't a first there was 'Earth Hour' in Australia where on March 31st and between 7:30p.m. and 8:30pm an estimated 2.2 million inhabitants of Sydney participated in the event', this is reported to have caused a 10% drop in power consumption across Sydney.

Tonight even the famous Piccadilly Circus advertisements will be switched off as part of tonight's event, the first time in 68 years apparently. Additionally the event will see the lights going out at numerous locations around the city including Buckingham Palace, Canary Wharf and the BT Tower.

“Lights out, lights out in london” – Sorry I couldn't help it.
source : http://environment.guardian.co.uk/energy/story/0,,2099625,00.html

Browser games

I discovered these games while on my travels around the internet.

Most are simple but there are few in there to tax your brain. The Chess related games remind me of the puzzles in 7th Guest, they would have me pulling my hair out sometimes.

These games can also be added to your Personalized Google Homepage (iGoogle now I believe).

You can check these games out here : http://weihwa.feedback.googlepages.com/home


Guild Wars

Taking a break from my usual game Planetside, I've begun playing Guild Wars again.

The 3rd campaign named Nightfall has taken alot of the need for teamwork out the game, which is kind of ok if you like to play as a solo player but sucks for teamplay.

In addition to playing solo, I've roped dok into playing GW again, and we've been quite effective as a warrior/monk team, tho i think my monk skills and timing leave alot to be desired.

Here is a screenshot of me and dok, i'm the short one.

If you fancy playing Guild Wars then Play.com has all 3 games for £9.99 each.

Note : each game is an independant game that works without the others.