Lights out London

Note: I'm finding it difficult to type this without singing UFOs Lights out.

On the evening of the summer solstice, between 9p.m. and 10p.m. Londoners are invite to take part in what will be the biggest environmental events in the country if not the world. Backed by a large number of celebrities and sponsored by Capitol Radio it will be interesting to see what results tonight's actions will yield.

This event isn't a first there was 'Earth Hour' in Australia where on March 31st and between 7:30p.m. and 8:30pm an estimated 2.2 million inhabitants of Sydney participated in the event', this is reported to have caused a 10% drop in power consumption across Sydney.

Tonight even the famous Piccadilly Circus advertisements will be switched off as part of tonight's event, the first time in 68 years apparently. Additionally the event will see the lights going out at numerous locations around the city including Buckingham Palace, Canary Wharf and the BT Tower.

“Lights out, lights out in london” – Sorry I couldn't help it.
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