World in Conflict

Dok pointed out this new RTS game that is currently under development.

In this alternative history game, the year is 1989, in the middle of the cold war. Soviet forces move into Europe drawing the attention of NATO and their forces into the fray. Meanwhile a second front heads into North America. You job is to command the force hoping to retake the lost cities and suburbs from the Soviets.

The game uses the Massive MassTech engine, giving user complete control of the camera viewpoint. All game objects with the exception of terrain appear to be destroyable. Unlike other RTS games there is no resource to capture or money to allow you to expand your base, in WIC you start each level with a set amount of resource how you spend it is up to you. If your building or vehicle is destroyed you re-gain the resource to spend gain perhaps altering your choice will sway the battle to your favour.

Reading up the game it appear there is more to it that just a solo RTS, for instance in a multiplayer team game there are 4 roles that can be undertake by seperate teammates (Air/Armour/Infantry/Support), thus allowing for varied gameplay that can draw on each players strengths on the battlefield.

Due for release on 07/09/2007