City of Heroes/Villains: Review

So over the past 3 months I have strayed from my normal bunch of games (Planetside/Guild Wars/BF) and I have been playing City of Villains after Rach started playing it 2 months before that.

Infact I bought the combined Good Vs Evil edition, so I have the ability to create heroes and villains but I tend to favour the darker side of things.

So I thought I'd write a simple review so people can get an idea of the game and how it all hang together.

For those of you that are unaware of the game it’s a MMORPG designed by Cryptic Studios and published by NCSoft. As you may have guessed it is based around superhero/villain genre and delivers a lot of content for your monthly subscription.
There are numerous areas that are populated by NPC's and other players, which area you can safely visit is determined by your level. Going to a high-end area is sure to bring you a lot of pain.

To progress through the levels you will need to accept and complete missions, while each city/island area is massive and you'll bump into other players frequently, each mission is instanced and it will be you and your team versus NPC enemies. As for the NPC's there are various enemy groups at work depending on your location, over time you learn more about each group and how best to fight them.

Another feature about the game that I feel is well implemented is the chat functionality, where as chat system is some game is bulky and cumbersome Cryptic seem to have designed a system that is easily mastered.

And finally I come to the 2 elements that really make the game unique and give it alot of appeal and longevity for players.
First are the fully customisable costumes and looks for your character using a well built designer, which can pretty much handle millions of combinations allowing you to give your character that perfect look.
Secondly are the Powers.

Upon character creation you get you choose the type of character you wish to play. Each of these is unique even the hero and villain options aren't the same.
Once selected you get to choose 2 power sets, depending on your type of character depends what you are offered there are normally 6 options to choose from in each set.
You start off with 2 powers and gain more as you advance through the game, each power can be customised with enhancements the allow you to increase damage or perhaps decrease the enemies resistance.

There are standard pool powers that everyone has access to; these include the wonderful travel powers options such as fly, superspeed, teleport and superjump.
Well that’s all I can think to write at the moment, but if you are thinking or looking for a new game to play then I'd advise giving the 'City of' games a go.

There are a few trails out there so you can get your teeth into the game before deciding if you'd like to purchase it.

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  1. [color=#ff0099]It's a fabulous game… the little breaded troll has lost me to it for the last 6 months now, so he's happy 😉

    The costumes are a good and a bad thing… yes you can make just about any design you want which is fabulous. BUT you can easily bankrupt yourself if, like me, you have a habit. I'm in recovery now and don't need to go to the weekly meetings, but when I first learnt I could change my outfits as often as I wanted (money permitting) and that I could have 5 slots at the highest level (50) my infamy (villain money)/influence(hero money) went dramatically downhill.

    Yes, you get the usual idiots on the game… but somehow a) they don't seem to matter, as the missions and aspects and the other 95% of the players make it worth it, and b) there really aren't as many as on a lot of other games.

    You get all sorts of incentives to keep playing too, for instance;

    Veteran rewards: 3, 6, 9,12,15,18 (and so on….) months. You get a free tailor session (YEY free costumes) new costume features only available through the vet rewards, you get a badge… good for collectors. you can get free respecs (if you're not happy with your power sets or just feel like a change you can swap them for others out of your range etc)And then for the later vet rewards you still get the above stuff, but you also get weapons, pets, art work and stuff. They really have put a lot of work into making sure it doesn’t get boring too easily.

    Other incentives,
    Double XP weekend, that's double the experience points, double the money you normally earn, and double the money for the SG you're in. (SG= super group, kinda like a guild but more fun and less ghey!)

    People, they are constantly working to put in new NPC's, make old ones more fun and give it some more variety. Add to this the players themselves and you’re on to a winner!

    Super Groups, as I said above like guilds but better. You make a base, (and pay rent >_< depending on plot size) in it you can;
    Invent things
    Get temp powers
    Use it as a hospital
    Store base stuff,
    Make it just plain old pretty
    In short have a place for you and your friends to hang on when not in a mission.

    Every 3-4 months they bring out a new issue, they keep it like a comic, we're currently on issue ten, and soon to have issue eleven. Each one brings new costumes, new NPC's, new missions, and like with I10 a new place to go fight, though that one was a tad different in that you get to (if you choose to) play with squishy ghey spandex’s… I mean heroes.

    Not sure what else to say, it's a top game and there's so much to it that you couldn’t possibly talk about it all in one comment of review.

    It's grand love!

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