Beware the DeathAdder

NCSoft Europe has join up with hardware creators Razer to produce a Guild Wars edition of the DeathAdder mouse. The DeathAdder which I have been using for over 6 months now, is a 3G infrared gaming mouse that can manage 1800dpi. This gives you a massive advantage over a standard optical mouse with 800dpi.

In addition to the faster movement speeds the DeathAdder has a response time of 1millisecond ensuring that all your movements and actions are captured compared with a bog standard polling rate of 8ms in other mice.

Combine those 2 impressive traits with On-The-Fly Sensitivity adjustment and the programmable buttons this mouse is a treasure to those who enjoy gaming and a great way to enhance your gameplay.

The only thing is that it's right handed only, a fact missed off the press release issued by NCSoft. The mouse can me bought at the PlayNC store for £47.99 / 69.99 Euros

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