Hunting for an ISP

My ongoing exprience with freedom2surf/pipex/tiscali is getting annoying. Until now apart from the occasional blips, the service was fine.

But now I appear to be getting slower and slower speeds and last night I was unable to play world in conflict as i would be booted from the server with high ping times.

After checking tracert and checking the massgate forums, it was indicated that all users connecting via the pipex network in the uk are suffering the same problems.

I've logged a support ticket with F2S but i'm not really holding my breath for anything to happen or for me to even get a response.

So on with the hunt, I'm looking for an ISP that can give me the following:

  • 2MB fixed speed connection (not a ADSL MAX pretending to be 2mb)
  • No adverse traffic shaping (throttling users that connnect to multiple IPs to reduce p2per traffic, but also causing gamers to be impacted too)
  • No port blocking
  • Suitable monthly download allowance (10-15gb)

Not asking alot really, but i'm struggling to find many that fit the bill.

My shortlist sofar:
VivaCiti – £19.99/2mb/50:1/30gb (Wholesale supplier : Entanet)

Entries include Price/speed/contention/allowance per month.
I'll update this list as i gain more information about products/isps.

One thought on “Hunting for an ISP”

  1. I use – I must say its the best broadband experience Ive had – no downtime, I hit 1400kbytes/second when downloading and the download limits seem to be about 400gb / month. They're LLU so I don't know if they're in your area though.

    In case Be goes down I have backup connections via t-Mobile 3G and Ukonline.

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