You weren't there at the beginning

remote.gif So following the standard method of taking a hit UK TV show and remaking it for the US. Sadly their eyes falls to one of my favourite shows of all time, Spaced.

Dok pointed out that there is an American version of Spaced going to be made.

Here are some extracts from Edgar Wrights journal post over on MySpace:

“Aside from all the legal aspects to my involvement, any self respecting fan of the show knows that along with Simon, Jess and Nira Park, I put my heart and soul into that series. So the implication in the trades by Wonderland and Granada USA that we may be involved in this new version absolutely pains me. “

“my beef with the trade announcement is more a matter of principle. I'm told after the fact that the makers of McSpaced had wanted to get us involved, but were told they couldn't pay us to be consultants (great!).

Either way, to not even make a courtesy call prior to making that announcement just a little rude. (And let's not even get started on the fact that Jessica's name was all but erased from the press releases.)

So forgive me for calling out Peter Johnson and co. at Wonderland (who I've never met, obviously) on this one, but if you truly are the huge fans of our work that you profess to be, then would it not have been smart to get in touch before you trumpeted our potential involvement in this?”

My annoyance over the fact that Granada America want to remake the series pales in comparison with the obvious fact that they completely lied about having Pegg and Wright onboard. After their hits with Shaun and Fuzz, was it an attempt to draw peoples interest in the project? Or maybe they are just another bunch of money grabbing gits.

Sadly it seems that none of the original writers or director have any control over the rights to the series, so unless minds are changed this will go ahead. 🙁

“McSpaced is rubbish”