Tabula Rasa

With the launch of Tabula Rasa last week there has been a big take up of the game among my fellow clan mates over at Khaos Clan (even after my less that flattering review).

The game has a total of 4 servers at the moment, 3 in the US and one in the EU. At peak times the EU server shows as being under a 'very high' load. As you can imagine it can be laggy at times, although generally the game runs smoothly. Well, except for the memory leaks.
On starting the game up, the ingame display shows memory usage at around 60% after 2 to 30 hours of gameplay that figure is near 95% to 99%. At which time it's worth quiting out of the game before it crashes. The problem is even after quiting my computers memory usage shows at around 400MB out of 2GB in have installed, so it's not all rosey at the moment.
But it seems that WoW with guns is the future, even if the future has a User-interface that sucks big time.