Woo Stardust

I finally went to see the film version of Stardust Monday evening, I found it really enjoyable and I'm happy to say that it was nearly everything I expected it to be.

All of the characters were very well cast and they nearlyall portrayed the novel descriptions very closely.   I agree with comments others have made about Robert De Niro, who I thought was damn brilliant as Captain Shakespeare. I was pleased that Ricky “I can only play one type of role” Gervais couldn't even spoil this film for me.

There are alot of known British faces in this film, albeit in cameo roles but it was very nice to see them pop up occasionally. 

Considering that the film has been out for a while now it's still sitting the top ten UK films, which should make Mr. Gaiman happy. If you get chance it’s well worth going to catch this film at the cinema before disappers to the small screen.