Browser-woes and Firefox 3 beta

Excuse my lack of updates this week, I have been quite busy creating themes.

I must admit that I haven't had quite as many problems in the past as I'm experencing now with IE6. Only my laptop has IE6 running now which makes for fun testing, yet I managed to get VirtualPC installed and using a hardrive image I have IE6 working on my desktop.

In addtion to having that resource for testing available I've also being using which is a free open-source service that takes screenshots of the website you specify on various browsers on windows/Mac or Linux operating systems. It cant take a little bit of time the screen capture to be returned as each request is placed in a queue.

Here is an example I created for my website as you can see the results are interesting. I think you'll agree for those of use without access to a Mac or Linux operating systems it's interesting to see how a website renders for your non-microsoft visitors.

While on the topic of browsers I'll quickly mention the fact that Firefox version 3 is available for beta testing. I only managed to have a quick try of it last night and from what I've seen it's shaping up nicely.

Here is some of the functionality that you can expect to see : The ability to click the Favicon on the address bar and have infomration relating to the website pop up is a nice feature. That along side the warning for potential hazardous websites via a blacklist or google certainly brings security to the forefront again. 
The MIME system appears to be greatly improved, which wasn't that difficult as previous versions weren't user friendly or intuitive. 

A new feature that is quite far down the list but one of my favourites, is the save password functionality. New functionality aims to offer you the ability to save the username/password once you can see if you have logged on successfully. 

I'm not sure how hopefully starring and tagging URL's will be in the overall big picture, but you never know it could become a common feature.

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  1. Hi WT,

    That Browsershots is neat, I must remember that one.

    What kind of themes are you creating? Got some examples?

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