Game : Lord of the rings online

So whats new in the gaming world?
Well as I mentioned in my recent post on the subject, a lot of the clan have been playing Lord of The Rings online. So I decided to give the whole thing a whirl using a 7 day trial that was kindly donated by Dok.

The first thing to note was that the install wasn't as long as I had anticipated and it was ready pretty fast. The second task was to update the game with recent patches. This took a little longer as there seemed to be the download phase and then the install phase. The later took over 4 hours of updating on my machine.

*A note to anyone planning a trail account in this way, install and update first, it could save you a day on your trail.

So finally the game installed. I had previously seen the graphics and gameplay at Doks, so I knew what to expect in those departments. The areas of the game are well thought through and the attention to detail is wonderful, expect a lot of things you remember from the books appearing in this game.

On to more interesting topics, the character generate is simple but effective, your default costume originates from your characters class and race. You can choose to play one of 4 races (dwarf, elf, hobbit or the race of man), each has there own strengths and weakness's that come into play during the game. Not all 4 races have the classes as options so thats an two important factors when creating a new character.