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Month: July 2008


Posted in Websites

Well I thought I'd give the newest search engine on the block a test, here are my first impressions after performing some searches for a few of my favourite online haunts.

My first search was for, the results where different to say the least. I would have thought that one of the returned links would be to the hompage of the website but sadly it wasn't.

So I then searched for Khaosclan excluding the suffix, yet again a direct link to our clan wasn't present, very expected results as yahoo, live & google return our website at the top for a similar search on those engines.

The News feature ( accessed by searching for news) is very basic and returned me a mixture of news websites from the UK and Austrailia. clicking the menu option for local news brought back numerous US news sites but I half expected this to be honest.

Additionally Cuil appears to have the annoying habit of adding seemingly random images next to a search result, these can vary quite alot and as far as I'm aware aren't from the website they are next to and have no relation to the linked item.

Sadly this search engine doesn't really give me what I'm looking for, If you have the time to page through to dig out what you are looking for then wonderful, but for an average user that is seeking that quick piece of information Cuil is one to avoid.

New going-ons

Posted in About Me

Today was my first day in my new job and after 7 hours of full knowledge absorbing day I have it admit it was bloody great! Nothing quite like getting to know an environment and systems by tackling some changes on your first day.

Additionally there is such a wonderful atmosphere in the whole office, something that sadly dissappeared in my previous role and was sorely missed.

So thanks to everyone that supported my efforts in going for this role, a massive step in the right directon for me.

Oh dear, not Winehouse

Posted in News

I was reading that Amy Winehouse is to be immortalised in wax (shudder) at Madame Tussauds this year as according to the manager she is requested by guests. No I haven't visited Tussauds for many years but I seem to remember it being about getting to see life-like figures of famous people some of which you'd not see outside of the television screen. Sadly I already see enough of this celebrity without even trying so to actively request more indicates there are some people that lack a TV and don't read newspapers.

It's a farce when you see these trashy life-style celebrities being thrown back into rehab over and over again. Surely there needs to be a way to extract such people out of the lime-light and the public eye. Perhaps judges can start to dish out sentences like, 5 months media blackout, where no stories of that artist should appear in written or televised media within the UK.

I wonder if that kind of action would have any impact on their lifes-styles? if not then at least I don't have to hear/read or see about it every few weeks.

So I shall be avoiding Madame Tussauds just incase my eyes happen to galance over the life-like medusa-haired features of The Winehouse, frozen for all into see in wax.

Gaming Sister Site

Posted in Gaming

I've been meaning to setup a website for City of Heroes/Villains for quite some time but haven't really gotten around to doing so. I had a spare domain that i wasn't doing anything with and which happened to also be me global handle in-game.

And so has risen from the ashes once more, sporting a rather simple theme and housing my updates and information about the CoX universe.

There won't be much cross posting between my websites, but if there is it will be purely one direction from septicsoul to welshtroll.

In other news exciting post will appear here in the next few weeks.

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