Games and all things past

Well I hope you all had a great weekend and an enjoyable Halloween. Sadly we got no “trick or treaters” so the tub of sweets will likely sit in our kitchen until next year.

Due to my annoyingly awkward bus journey that is required for my trips to and from work my days shrink in hours to a point that full blogging takes a back seat to getting all my living done in the time allotted. I try and post on Twitter at least once a day so you can follow me on there if needed.

So first a quick round up of my activities since my last entry.

In other general “me” news I’ve taken on a interweb piece of work for a friend that I’ll clue you in on in the near future, but It’s quite exciting and different to my other projects.

I was luckly enough to have a wonderful 4 day weekend, yay for booking holidays. My reasons for this were to get some quality Halloween MMO celebrating done and I had another goal that I sadly didn’t manage to achieve in the time which was to read Mr Gaimans’ recently published Graveyard Book.

Thursday : We out in the morning and some lengthy gaming sessions in various titles, in fact i think i swapped about every few hours lol.

Friday Halloween : Rach and I spent some brief periods of the day in GW, entertaining the Mad Thorn King in Kamadam and Lions Arch in exchange for goodie bags and a hat costume piece. I must admit that I really enjoy the that each game has for different events during the year.

Saturday : It was a bright sunny day, but the wind was bitterly cold, a fact that we found out on a trip into Abergavenny. Taking a lot of wilpower I visited and departed from Waterstone with only 2 new graphic novels hehe. A new Game store has opened there, which is highly dangerous.

Sunday : A lazy day to start with as my long weekend was finally winding down. Taking a leaf from Van Hemlocks book, I’ve convinved Dok to re-enter Guild Wars joining myself and Rach on her first run through the Nightfall Campaign. Last night we focused on some of the first missions in Korma. Although this was old ground for Dok, but he was happy to use it as a refresher course before we continue on to the high missions.

In other gamey news:

I was immensely jealous of the folks that attented the EuroGamer Expo and got to try out Jumpgate:Evolution (a nice video over at the LimitedEdition blog and nice write up over at Van Hemlocks blog. This is the only new mmo that I’m even remotely interested in at the present time and i have to admit it look rather wonderful. I’ve So far resisted the urge to purchase Warhammer Online despite the fact that my clanmates from KhaosClan appear to be doing rather nicely and with high attendance each night.

I’ve finally completed Warhammer 40k – Dawn of War:Soul Storm, this weekend. I must admit it was highly enjoyable and there was some pretty tough challenges. I’d recently read a a comment about the graphics in the lastest expansion being very dated and old looking.

Admittedly the GFX are a little dated but in all honestly the game play really does make up for a slightly older graphics engine in the background.

Again and again, it comes down the old fact that I prefer a decent storyline with older graphics over highly detailed graphics with a short game.