Issue 13

Each day I’m continually wondering if today is going to see the lunch of issue 13, yet another patch is loaded onto the test server. Better to be safe than sorry i suppose, do not what another BFR style update occurring in my gaming lifetime.

Since the start of open beta there has been quite a few patches to flatten out the bugs and to remove or alter items that haven’t been received that well by tester. Many of these are related to PVP, which is not an area that I spend much time.

So as the issue draws loser to release, I thought I’d cover some of the new and altered features in a little more detail. Considering that the mission builder was withdrawn from this issue, it’s still jam packed with goodies that will more than cover the few months before the architect arrives.

First up some linkage, I read a nice short interview with mat “positron” miller recently where he tells us the main reason for the delay in the mission architect was down to user feedback wanting to be able to fabricate your own end boss for missions.

Also this entry I won’t be covering the new power-sets, mostly due to the fact that until launch these could change immensely plus I’ll leave a little magic in the issue for you to discover yourselves.

So if you don’t want to see any more information about Issue 13 then stop reading now.

I think there are some rather funky changes that may appear as a one liner in the release notes but I feel are quite special additions to the game.

First up is epic/patron power alterations.

Since I’ve been playing these haven’t been dramatically altered in anyway. With Issue 13 player will have the option of a new power pushing each pool of epic/patron powers to 5 choices. This is quite a change as you only get 4 power choices after you gan access to the pool, so weighing up of each power is going to be needed. While on this topic it’s worth noting that villains now have a system similar to heroes and can now swap their patron power group when respecing a chracter.

Additional Market
Rachy noticed 2 new features in Port Oakes while we were trying out some new characters. There is now a Black market truck near the arena, which will be very handy for those characters around the Level 10 area I’d think. But wait there is more, to help with inventions there is now an abandoned lab with crafting tables scattered around inside. Sweet!

New Merit system is driven by completing taskforces and a small reward for completing story arcs from contacts. You can build up merits and then exchange them for rewards at a new contact in each zone. These rewards can include high level recipes that are normally vastly out of the price range of a lot of characters, this addresses the balance a little while still not just altering the drop rate of rate items. For my brute this is great news as high level melee recipes can sell for 40 million. There is a law of deminishing returns on taskforces for 24 hours after you last completed the TF, you receive less merits the next time around etc.

New IO sets

Current my sonic/kinetic corruptor I cannot use a whole set of healing IO recipes due to the accurcy roll needed to hit then to heal. This problem has been addressed in I13 with healing setting that include accuracy buffs, this will make my healing characters more effective and maybe cut down on the slots needed on a power.

Contacts in Cimerora

New villain and hero contacts have been created in the Ancient Roman zone cimerora, handy to characters over level 35.  I hope the midnighter stuff expands more over the next few issues, combining it with the ouroboros dark sub-story about the origins of the menders.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this will come to light after i14.

Merit vendor
Merit vendor
Sister Airlia
Sister Airlia