Wednesday night Teaming

cohOur usual Wednesday group is still fighting the good fight in Paragon City, I thought I’d post a quick recap of our recent adventures over the last 3 weeks.

26 – Nov

After our first task force event we needed a relaxed session and took to some missions in Faultline. This zone is very cool and this was my second time doing missions there. Our fully time Tanker played by Van Hemlock was now earning XP after 2-3 weeks of self-sacrifice by being exemplared down to team with our lower characters.

We also had an unexpected visit by Rockjaw and we were also joined by Andy, who found us via the Limited Edition folks. A rather good time was had by all and we all obtained or edged closer to level 20.

03 – Dec

Last week we decided to unlock the Midnighter Club for the members of our group. This arc fitted perfectly into our teams time restrictions, it’s pretty short set of missions, 2-3 instance missions and a few talk to contacts. The nice part about completing this is that everyone gained a badge as well as access to the Midnighter club. This is handy for 2 reasons, the first isn’t that important until level 35 when you get to travel to Cimerora, the second is rather handy method of hopping between the 3 connecting zone (a hero side only trick).

10 – Dec

This week due to technical problem after the lastest issue release Shuttler wasn’t able to log into the game. We decided to save the planned Task Force until next week and jumped over to the Rogue Isles for a little Villain action. After a little thought we opted to take a run at the first Villain Task force. The Virgil Tarikoss Strike Force is a fairly short and fun task force, and compared to the Positron one it’s a piece of cake.
It also helped that Rachy and I had completed it a few times beforehand.

In the end I think everyone had a good time, which is the underlying aim I guess.