Unobtainable Highs

MoH airborneAsk any gamer and they will have favourite title in their gaming history that defines the benchmarks that we apply to each and every game we play. Whether is was in a MMO or just a standard console game, these experiences weave a complex matrix of “ideal” qualities that us gamers tend to seek out in each new game.

It is this normally jaded hindsight that determines how we each evaluate and judge a game.

For example I recently completed the campaign mode on Medal Of Honor Airborne, I really enjoyed the MoH titles before so was quite looking forward to playing this.
There are some wonderful scenes and missions,but I was quite shocked when I finished it in a few sittings.

Once completed I instantly begin to evaluate and comapre it to the original game and to more recent games like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

I’m not a tester or reviewer so I get to cherry-pick only those games I’ve a high chance of enjoying anyway, but many fall short. The first thing that struck me was the duration of the game, I managed to complete it in under 8 hours, which was considerably shorter than the original title. This is a feeling that I got in Call of Duty 4 and thats a big reason for me avoiding COD 5 at this time. One recent exception to the rule was Rainbow Six Vegas which I played last year, that delivered a sizeable chunk of campaign mode game play that wasn’t over in the blink of an eye.

Sadly it seems alot of recent games fall to capture my attention or provide enough enjoyment, well at least for it to match up to my seemingly inflated expectations.