mystRecently it was announced that any future developements of the MMO Myst Online game will have to come from the games players. Cyan worlds announced that it is unable to afford to run the game and has made all the game code and assets open source.

I remember first playing Myst and being very excited, puzzled, frustrated and spellbound by a game that had no other characters in it. The other area that I’ll also remember was the scenery, ok ok, so it was prerendered but it was still breath-taking at times.

Myst was and still is rather unique in the game-sphere being crammed full of puzzles andwith very little in the way of clues to help you out. Hardcore puzzle gaming at it’s best.

I normally discover the lore of games and world after the fact, but in the Myst games it really unfolded as you played. The lore of the D’ni people has been published in 3 books that I really enjoyed really reading.I still to this day think the linking books are a very diverse and wonderful method of introducing very different and wonderful worlds to a reader and to gamers.

I’m unsure how the games future will pan out, but I truely hope that whatever the result the Myst world and history sticks around for many years to come, no matter the format it takes.