2008 is dead, long live 2009

Well here it is, my post wrapping up 2008 and introducing 2009. It’s not going to be huge so don’t worry.

Ah  2008, now thankfully gone

On the work front it was a unusual year for me, my job of 9 years was off-shored and I re-joined the ranks of the unemployed a position I’d only ever been in for two months previously. I haven’t kept in contact with many from my previous place but happily I believe most found work elsewhere.

Omega Sektor – A very enjoyable Easter weekend was spent in the company of gamers and NCSoft staff. It was a tiring experience but with many-many highlights including  meeting gamers friends, winning the beer quiz, DTWT work , attending the talks by Melissa AKA WarWitch and witnessing Rockband with Rockjaw singing (100% on expert if my memory serves me right).

Podcasters – I had my eyes ears opened to the rather fantastic world of the podcasts over at VirginWorlds. Now I quite happily download and listen to ever show that’s added, regardless of the game. Rachy and I decide to sponser the LE podcast as it’s a fine show that continually has us laughing out loud. This one item has kept me from going crazy on the bus to and from work.

Facing 2009

So what is on my radar for 2009, lets have a look,

  • Planning our wedding, this task will be ongoing, reaching critical mass  around the end of May
  • Dawn of War 2, this is the revamped RTS set in the Warhammer 40k universe. I’ve enjoyed playing these titles over the last year or so and the newer version looks wonderful.
  • I’m looking forward to grabbing a drink with some of the new people we’ve talked to over the last few months
  • There is only one MMO I’m waiting for which is Jumpgate Evolution, thanks to those that attended the Euro-gamer expo and reported and filmed the game for us to drool over.
  • The Mission creator for City of Heroes/Villains is coming in 2009 and this item is one that will be high on my list of life changing events this year.

A light sprinkling of games over high ground (Current)

COD4 is still my FPS game of choice at the moment, although TF2 is fun it’s all too class limited. I may venture into COD5 in the next few months but the single player game isn’t appealing to me that much.
CoH/V remain my main focus at this time and until jumpgate appears on the sceen this is unlikely to alter much.
I’ve just re-installed LoTro but I’m unsure if I’ll re-sub again after January 20th. Will the lure of the crafting suck me in for another month?

So in closing thanks to all the wonderful people that I’ve gamed/nattered/teamed and generally interacted with in 2008, you certainly turned one frown into a smile.