Battle for Middle Earth 2 / Assassins Creed

Back in the history of the welshtroll website my friends and I would review various media items like books, games, films and music. What with this being a new year I’m going to try and revive the tradition starting with my recent gaming adventures.

battle for middle earth 2I’ve recently played a couple of non-mmo games, so I thought I’d quickly type up quick reviews about them.

The first game is Battle for Middle Earth 2 a Tolkien-based RTS, this standalone follow up in the series was enjoyable but sadly very short lived. The campaign mode gave me enough time to get to grips with the buildings/units and navigation, then much to my disappointment it was all over.

Quite gutted I played a few Skirmishes against the PC, checking out some of the locations from the film, with my battle at Helms deep lasting a good 45 minutes. Although without any kind of progression skirmish mode got old quite fast. I did like the create a Hero element but it seemed some-what out of place in a RTS game.

Conclusion : A well designed game with awesome attention to detail, although quite short lifespan in my opinion (5/10)

assassins creedSecond up on my list has been Assassins Creed. I’d seen quite a bit of the game over the last year so thought I knew what to expect. The controls were designed for the console so maximising the controls for a few keys gave me some concern to begin with, yet the controls still remained suited for the PC title.

A good spread of local-missions kept me on my toes at every turn, a wonderfully thought out storyline with some well scripted cut-scenes ( though I got slightly confused at the 2nd storyline that was running ).

Another feature I liked was the ability to quick travel to an area you had unlocked, this reduced the  15 minutes travel between zones I was expecting. Annoyingly my experience of this game was plagued by blue screen crashes that I have to attribute to this title.

Conclusion : A true gem of game perfection, that truely had me captivated from the start to finish. A good console transition. (9/10)